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My Startup Journey

Startups are hard, everyone says this, I remember before starting Fashpa, reading this post by the King of Nigerian Startup scene and thinking just how hard can...

Raising fund for your startup in Nigeria

So you have built an amazing startup, you have survived on garri and epa or cereal  or indomie ( insert austerity food of choice...

Can too much money be a bad thing?

After I wrote the title of this blog, it felt almost contrary to everything that should hold true. In building a business Money/ Cash...

Do’s and Don’ts of writing an effective pitch deck

There is a lot of information on the internet about how to prepare your pitch deck. So much that it is difficult to remember...

StartUps and Business

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Five Questions You Must answer to stay relevant in your business and industry

Five Questions You Must answer to stay relevant in your business and industry Don't joke with question four. It is always painful to see a BUSINESS...

Episode 008: What we learnt from attempting to build ecommerce platform in Nigeria. How...

  “In business, emotions should play a secondary role and logic a primary one” Deepankar Rustagi is the founder of Vconnect, an online business directory and...

Episode 006 Rob Withagen, Cofounder at Asoko Insight, Why data and machine learning will...

  One of the major challenge for doing business in Africa is lack of data.1 It’s hard to get information about private businesses in the continent....


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