Here are 5  ways to make money from your talents and skills

1. Teach lessons
Every single day, people seek more knowledge. Can you help them in some way or another?
2. Offer consulting services
Do you know how to dress really well? So you can offer consulting services and help people to improve their style. Can you organize a house like no one else? What about offering your services as a personal home organizer?
3. Become a freelancer
You can sell your talents working as a freelancer for other people and companies in your free time. There are many websites that connect independent professionals to companies that need occasional work done, such as fiver and Freelancer.
4. Start a blog
Do you like writing? So you can have your own blog and make money from it. The secret is to start a very nice blog and maintain consistency in your posts. This way, your blog will have many visits and, consequently, build more authority.
5. Create a digital product
Well, it is possible to teach them to thousands of people simultaneously! You only have to turn your knowledge into a digital product. There are many formats that can be easily accessed like ebooks, video lessons, audiobooks or you can also make a mix of products and host them in an exclusive members area for each student.

there you have IT turn your talents  to Profit