Business intelligence (BI) entails tips, hacks, codes, and strategies that an entrepreneur, Start-ups, and SMEs can integrate or apply to get more traction, client, and customers to scale.
My goal is to share with you tips that would help turn around your business, Start-ups, and SMEs into a more profitable one. These codes are neglected and yet extremely vital to business I advise you take them seriously

Code One
For Start-ups and businesses offering products and services pitch what the customer wants to buy and not just what you want to sell, I learned this by experience.

I have been with clients and all that was in my mind was trying to convince the client to buy my services while she wanted something else which I could also offer just that the profits margin was not much.

Code Two
People don’t buy your PASSION, they buy the PROBLEM it solves.

What do my customers GAIN when they hire my services or buy my products? That’s the question we entrepreneurs and Start-ups should consistently ask ourselves because it determines our numbers of traction and clients remember, your VALUE is determined by the need created when you’re not there.

Code Three
Is the problem you are solving meeting the client major need.

The smaller the need, you are meeting the smaller the value and the smaller the money you get. The BIGGER the need you are meeting, the BIGGER the money you get paid.Dear entrepreneurs and Start-ups Don’t raise your price when you are not raising your value your business would crash. Rather raise your value then your price people pay for value then your business would scale and grow

Code Four
This is one of my favorite sells your benefits and not the features that’s is what your clients what’s to hear

It’s extremely important As Start-ups and entrepreneurs If your marketing strategy solely consists of just trying to make your clients but your services and products your business is far from scaling.We’re so focused on the FEATURES OF THE PRODUCT instead of its BENEFIT TO THE CUSTOMERS and that is a bad business and marketing strategy.

Code Five
The price you charge for your services is a function of your confidence to deliver results.

During my final year project just before I defended my project one of the best students in my set, as a matter of fact, she graduated with a first class she was in turn to defend her project but when she mounted the podium she started fidgeting and stammering next she started sweating profusely and broke in to tears our supervisor had to recall her at a later time. Her confidence let her down.

Confidence in your ability to deliver when talking with your client is a KILLER marketing strategy that Start-ups and entrepreneurs should imbibe it gives you a competitive edge and advantage. Remember confidence is attractive

Code Six
Your branding is the experience you deliver to your customers.

The entire essence of branding is the connection between company and customer, learning to understand the customer and why they love your product, once you understand the customer and what drives them to your product, you can create your brand’s visual identity

Code Seven
Quit trying to sell the right product to the wrong customers.

Find the RIGHT CUSTOMERS first and then find out what their PROBLEMS and DESIRES are and ONLY THEN should you create an offer or service for them. You’ve got to realize that NOT EVERYBODY IS YOUR CUSTOMER. So carve a niche, know your audience and the proposed customers and their classes it would help you better.

When you find the right customers for the right product and for the right value at the right price, you’ll end up making the RIGHT SALEs that will help you scale your business and Start-ups.