The importance of Branding and build a brand around your Start-ups and businesses cannot but be overemphasized. People assume Branding is all about your logo and colors but that is a wrong notion that has had adverse effects on Start-ups and young businesses.

What is a Branding, Really?

Branding is the experience you deliver to your customers.

The entire essence of branding is the connection between company and customer, learning to understand the customer and why they love your product, once you understand the customer and what drives them to your product, you can create your brand’s visual identity. So, why do some startups fall flat on this?

If you launch your brand based on what you assume your customers will love, you’re taking a risk that your brand won’t resonate with its target market. Failure to connect with customer’s cause’s startups business to flounder.

Entrepreneurs and Start-ups mistakenly focus on brand identity and awareness when they should first focus on brand experience, as a result, many will spend years promoting a product that customers don’t really care about.

The main purpose of this article is to give Start-ups, SMEs and Entrepreneur’s relevant hints and ignored processes for building a Brand That Works.

So when building your Brand have the following in mind.

  1. Promise: What does your product or services enable your customers to do?
  2. Story: What do your customers or clients need, and how will you provide it?
  3. Values: What is the value others (e.g., client’s customers, investors) see in your product and services? What do you deliver that is relevant and different?
  4. Name, look and feel: What are the words and images that are associated with your startup.

In building a brand for your startups and businesses your personality and character also plays an important role. Another way of growing your brand is through, Thought leadership and Personal Branding.

Building a personal Branding helps you also grow the brand of your organization

Do you know Basket Mouth has a company?, yes he does well you may not know the name of the company, but his personal brand is helping draw traction to his company that is what personal Branding does its necessary for Start-ups to do likewise.

Grow your organizations brand using thought leadership and proper Personal Branding, It takes time and handwork but it’s is worth it. How are you perceived on the social media it sums up the first impression you make about you and your Startup, build it properly, be known for something, avoid nasty and irrelevant posts on the social media it could cost you a fortune in the future.

Finally, since your Branding requires visuals there is a need to thoroughly represent and communicate what you stand for in your icons and logo’s since it’s your client’s first impression about you and your organization.

I have seen upcoming Start-ups and businesses that are growing and have what it takes to scale fast but are poorly represented in their logo’s and icons don’t be deceived it’s worth every penny you invest.

Getting big creative agencies to work on your UI/Ux that is user interface and experience along with your Branding might be an expensive venture to undertake especially for the Start-ups,

Still looking for quality and affordability I recommend Jukemtech They are a Web and Creative Agency focused on growing Startups and Businesses through services ranging from Creative branding, Web development, Mobile-App development and Digital Marketing.

Remember your brand is the experience you deliver to your customers build it wisely and guard it jealously.