What Happened to JIK?

Growing up as a child I fell in love with JIK. What I am about to share with you will change the way you run your businesses as a startup or Entrepreneur. Just in case you...

13 Big Lessons Every Entrepreneur and Start-Up must Learn from Paddy Adenuga

While reading Paddy Adenuga story, there is a tendency to get carried away In the prowess of his strategies and awesomeness of his writing style that you trivialize and neglect the lessons it teaches. So...

Letter To My Dear Entrepreneurs

My Dear Entrepreneurs, you have chosen to go down this road for various reasons best known to you. However, the route you have taken has great potentials. Like being * Financially free * having control over your time. *...

5 key strategies to survive fierce business competition as a Startup in Nigeria

Nigeria companies, both face daunting challenges every day. From Hyper-competition, critical factors, Nigeria factors, Employee loyalty and a lot of world trends are threatening the survival of small and mid-sized companies everywhere across...
Business Model

Preparing Your Business Model as a Startup

Your business model is an outline of your business offerings, resources, processes, people, target markets, channels, cost structure and revenue streams. It serves as a summarized representation of what your business is about, who it...
practical ways

5 practical ways to increase the value of your business as a Startup

In business people buy the value, not the products, it’s the value of the products that draw clients or customers to your business. It is essential to consider the structure of your company, the...
tobi and padebi

Building a successful Online Business with Padebi Ojomo

In this episode, Padebi Ojomo, the Client Attraction genie joins us with a truckload of pure value. I had to steal some concepts and strategies she talked about and apply it to my business. What...

EP17, Why we initially turned down VC funding and bootstrapped to $1 million in...

“Always provide a fantastic service” On today’s episode, we have Kendall Ananyi, co-founder of Tizeti which operates as Wifi.com.ng Wifi.com.ng provides unlimited uncapped internet to users for less than $25 per month. Kendall has an interesting story. He...

How to identify your ideal client as a Startup

If there’s one mistake that new—and sometimes even established—business owners make, it’s this: failing to develop a clear vision of her ideal client. Too often we think our service or product is “for everyone.” And...
Startup tools

Unbeatable free tools to launch and build your startup

If we are, to be honest, building a startup in Africa is not a walk in the park. There are just too many things working against you. Hold that thought, there are some free tools for...

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Why your Startups needs a Story

Facts tell stories sell __ If people are not talking about you in the marketplace, it’s because you have not given them a story, which is...
Wow your customers

Make your Customers go wow

One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make is to make the sale, take the money and never communicate with the customer again....

Raising fund for your startup in Nigeria

So you have built an amazing startup, you have survived on garri and epa or cereal  or indomie ( insert austerity food of choice...
networking journey for startups

Lessons on networking from my business journey so far

A few months ago I got the chance to speak to a group of business professionals about networking and my preparations for the presentation...
Business culture

How Your Culture Affects Your Business

On May 7th, I had lunch with a friend at Orchid Bistro, Greenville Place, Isaac John Street, Ikeja. It was two months after I had...

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