Try this: Be consistent! In the long run, you will gain positive habits that’ll help you grow/bring more money!”

I started my brand consulting firm, Mapemond Resources in 2008 and for the first four years, I made no dime from the business itself. Looking back, I can say three key things were responsible; I was still building my capacity, I was yet to ‘rightly’ articulate the value proposition, and of course, marketing was zero because I didn’t even know how to market.

On one occasion, I read a book that a friend bought at the book ship that visited Port Harcourt, Dolous was the name I think. A section of the book made the bold declaration that a business venture that can’t generate any revenue within the first six months is headed for failure. That was the first time I contemplated calling entrepreneurship quit, but somehow I pressed on and eventually realized that the author was wrong in her assertion.

A story that gave me hope was that of Christopher Columbus, the European who was convinced that there was definitely land across the Atlantic Ocean and set sail to satisfy his curiosity after years of trying to raise funds. We all know the story I suppose. In another post someday I will share how I got through to generating revenue in the fifth year of business. Today, I just want to encourage those still struggling with making money in business, stay hopeful and keep navigating.

I look at the proposals I wrote in 2009 and 2010 and I laugh because at the time I felt clients will be blown off their seats as they read it, oh! The boldness that comes with passion even when capacity is below par!

Today, we have clients who engage us for an entire year, one is in the third year now. What’s the point? The amount of time you invest in a particular thing plays a role in your journey to success. Malcolm Gladwell calls it the 10,000hrs rule while others call it the one Decade principle.

Don’t be blinded by excitement, don’t be choked by passion, focus on the long journey for consistency and acquire the various habits and principles that will help you grow and make money. It is possible.

Wishing you success.