Traffic, whether it’s free traffic or paid traffic is the lifeblood of any online business or any business who want to leverage online marketing for growth. It’s the foundation for success online. Now, I know many of you already know about paid traffic sources like Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Google PPC and the likes. Today, I’m not talking about paid sources of traffic. Let’s dive into the FREE traffic sources.

I figured out that most people who are new to the business and online marketing don’t necessarily have the money to spend on adverts.

I absolutely recommend you start from FREE before you dive into paid systems. I wish I had someone to point me in the right direction when I started. Gosh! Call me Santa Claus!. I literally gave Facebook and LinkedIn free money they wouldn’t even need. It would be like a tiny drop in Atlantic ocean.

I’m talking about hundreds of dollars gone down the drain. (Well, that was kind of a big deal for a newbie like me) Why? I had no real and tested system in place to convert traffic into customers.

You know, now that I’m reminiscing, I’m starting to see good in those mistakes. I have learned how not to do paid advertising… Oh well, well, well… I just found a new content to create for you! Excited??? You better be!

It’s Ok to start with FREE traffic but don’t stay there. Use FREE traffic sources to build a system that converts website visitors into clients. Once that system have been tested to convert. Go hard on paid advertising!!


Getting tons of FREE traffic is awesome, but that’s not the only catch. Traffic is useless without conversion. Wait! Am I getting too technical with these terms I’m using? I learned them in the school of HARD KNOCKS!

So whether you are sending traffic to a blog post, to let people know about your product, you must do it with the goal of getting conversions – details of people who visit your page or ultimately Sales!

It still baffles when I see entrepreneurs launch a new product, use their Facebook to tell their friends about it, and put a call to action for people to make payment

Things you shouldn’t do with FREE traffic

  • Never Send free traffic directly to a sales page. (I can assure one thing, you will be disappointed)
  • Don’t send FREE traffic to your website without a goal in mind.( I can assure you another thing, you just wasted all your efforts garnering those free traffic.

What you should have on your page

  • A lead magnet ( A free gift to access free of charge)
  • An irresistible call to action

I just noticed that I’ve mentioned “Free Traffic” a lot in this article. What the heck is free traffic by the way. Human Visitors who come to your website by reason of your manual efforts, without any financial input.

So let’s dive in on how we can leverage FREE TRAFFIC to grow our Business. There are several ways to achieve this one goal, today I’ll share with you the low-hanging fruit. These are strategies you can QUICKLY implement to start seeing evident results.

  1. A professional social media profile

The obvious and easiest place to start is your social media platforms. Cliche right? Well, I know of one thing, especially when you are just starting out, many people on your social platforms won’t respond to your marketing efforts.

This tactic I’m about to share works well on all platforms but I’ve seen incredible results with Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram. Someone is wondering where I put Facebook??

Here is the what you’ll do

Step 1 – Have a compelling about section.

Check out the way I structured my LinkedIn profile.

There’s no day I don’t get visits to my website from LinkedIn and I’ll explain shortly. Depending on the social media platform you are most comfortable with, your about page is the most visited.

You about page should contain in clear terms what it is that you will help your target audience achieve and a link to a page on your website(A landing page i.e a page where you collect names and email in exchange for a free gift).

In my case, I give people a free ebook. It just works!

Now, I know most people don’t fully understand the way LinkedIn works. Do same on your Instagram or Twitter. Instagram and twitter gives you little text space to talk about yourself. Here’s a quick fix, go to the pages of authorities in your field to get an idea of how they arrange theirs about section.

BTW, not every industry authority in your niche will give something freely on their about page… but pleeease… For your sake, use this strategy!!!

Once we have this lockdown, let’s move to Step 2

Step 2: Connect with People who need your product

Now here’s where you do the work!! Add, Follow people who need what you offer. How do you do this? How do you know this person?

Here’s what to do and there’s no crime in it. Afterall, social media is supposed to be social right?

Leverage industry authorities and your competitors doing better than you are. You are going to connect with people who are ACTIVELY engaging with them.

  • Go to their recent posts
  • Check out people who liked, commented on the post and Connect with them (Like a few of their posts, comment and Add/Follow them)
  • Be genuine with this process, with consistency, the results will be massive.

If you do this every day, say you connect with 100 people daily, in a month, that’s 3000 new people. Wow! Well, not all will reciprocate or respond, but you don’t need those people who don’t, a good number will definitely reciprocate. 10-30% will.

There’s a twitter app I really like called Crowdfire. You can tell it to automatically send new followers a Direct Message. Simply send them to a link to get something for free.


  1. Facebook and Linkedin Groups

In business, you really must learn the principle of leverage. If you try to do everything by yourself, you will not go too far. Leveraging social media groups is one thing that can quickly give you that exposure your brand need.

These groups have been around for a while with thousands of niche-focused individuals. There are groups about every industry you can think of

Here’s what you should do

  • Search for groups that your target audience are present and Join. If your targets are in the doctors, join a group for doctors. Even if you’re not one. OR join groups run by people you know have your audience.
  • Wait till you get approved

Once you get approved, please read the group description as you don’t want to flag the group rules, it will hurt your reputation.

fb group

If the group encourages members to post value-driven content, it’s a good group. Some don’t allow you post links, in that case, you need to reach out the group admin and request that you are allowed to make a post with your link. This process will be a lot easier if you’ve been an active member of the group and you give valuable content consistently.

Once you get approved, genuinely offer help and assistance in the group based on your niche! Please, if you don’t plan to be a motivational speaker, stop posting motivational quotes on the group all the time.

Post content that will inspire curiosity and add value. I have posted articles on different Facebook groups without a link to my website and I always get numerous Facebook messages from people who loved the content, from there I give them a link to go download an eBook on my website so I can have their details and put them in my sales funnel.

  1. Forums and Niche Forums

Ok, let me just give it to you like it is with this strategy. It will not work for you if you don’t like answering questions or helping people when they are stuck.

This is the way it works,

  • Answer people’s questions with solid answers
  • Readers go through your answers and get remarkable value
  • They go check out your profile
  • They connect with you.

Looks simple right! In real life, not so much! But it’s a remarkable strategy i must say. So let’s dive in.

There are hundreds of thousands of forums online. From my experience, there are forums for every industry I could think of. There are general forums like Quora, Reddit and there are niche forums like Blackhatworld for internet marketers etc.

There are multiple forums for every niche. Don’t join all because it’s impossible to be active on all. You need to choose one (Choose one and help yourself to be consistent). Choose the one you are most comfortable with and go all in.

The good thing about active forums is the energy and unending questions that pour in on a daily basis.

Forums basically operate the same way, you just need to locate yourself in the right forum and be active.

The first thing you need to do is to create a compelling profile, just like we did on our social media. The second need to do is to search for questions in your niche and begin to answer them.

Oh, Tobi, I’m a newbie, I don’t have enough knowledge!! Why do you have search engines?? Research the answers and put them in your own words. It can be as simple as that.Neil Patel is someone

Neil Patel is someone I discovered is consistently harnessing the Power of forums to drive traffic to his website and brand

Now,  in my estimation, Neil receives nothing less than 2000 new clicks/month to his website from Quora. You should sign up on Quora too. How did he get to celebrity status? How did he get an “unfair advantage” regarding traffic to his site? Good content and consistency!

If you provide enough value on the forum you choose, people will begin to notice you, they will check out your profile and will take the action you need them to take.


I think I just heard you say it’s a lot of work! You bet! If you don’t currently have enough marketing budget, you must have time. Garnering free traffic is slow, no doubt, but the results on the long-term are amazing!. All you need to bear in mind is that you need to take action and be consistent.

I seriously recommend every new startup to start with these free strategies. Use it to get some results before investing in a Paid Advertisement. No one starts online marketing with Paid advertisements. Free is where to start, but don’t stay there. To scale up sales and profits, you’ve got to invest in paid ads. Learn how it works first then implement consistently

I’d like to know about your experiences with leveraging free traffic to grow your business. And if you have tried any of these strategies, I’d love to read about your results use the comment section below.

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