It’s quite simple


By the time you finish READING, you would have learned how to make STRATEGIC life and business DECISIONS.

With errors rate of zero or almost zero.

So follow me closely.

Most of the outcome we have had in life has been a function of decisions.

Whether you like it or not, where you are presently and where you will be tomorrow will be a function your decision.

Having that in mind, making strategic and quality DECISIONS is necessary to living a fulfilled life.

Now the problem is, how do we make these decisions.

I will be leading you through a step by step organized process of thinking to make the best possible decision in every area of your life.

Are you still with me?

Keep reading.

I am going to be using a problem in this context.

That is solving a problem by making the right decisions.

Stay with me.

First of all in making a decision as regards solving any problem you have you will consider so many factors.

I have organized the steps serially so you can understand them easily.

Still with me?

Check out the first step.

1. Define the Central problems.

Any mistake you make here, will definitely land you to making the wrong decision.

Stating the problems and not the symptoms is key here.

Let me give you an example.

Having low profit in a business is not a central problem its just a symptom, poor marketing strategy or poor product packaging might be the underlying problem.

If you identify the problem accurately you will discover so many approaches to solving it.

But if you get the problem wrong even a brilliant solution will not savor the situation.

Hope you are getting it?

The next step is very essential.

2. List the causes of the problem

That is the relevant factors sponsoring the problem.

This becomes easier if you have identified the major problem.

You will do yourself a great service by listing the major causes of the problem.

Asking the following questions will help you get the relevant factors causing the problem.

What is the problem? You would have established that by now.

Why the problem? Causes of the problem.

Where is the problem happening? Location or the aspect where the problem has influence.

When is the problem happening?
Here consider when it happened last, and when it likely happens.

Answering these questions gives you a map of the kind of solutions you are looking for.

Pay close attention to the next point.

It’s vital to making the final decision.

3. List the possible solutions 

In this step list every solution or course of action that could possibly solve the central problem along with the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Doing this will you a holistic view of the outcome of every decision you would make.

4. Analyze your solutions

What I advise you do here is thoroughly scrutinize the solutions you have listed.

Putting into considerations the levity of their disadvantages and the impact of their Advantages.

In respect to the factors sponsoring the problems, you highlighted in number 2 above.

Then draw conclusions.

it is these conclusions that will determine your decisions.

5. Make your decisions. 

The beauty of this stage is that you are about making an informed decision with knowledge of the possible outcome.

Here your decision should be based on the conclusion you have made while analyzing your solutions.

Remember the best solutions will have a greater impact in solving the problem while implications of the disadvantages if any would be minimal.

Don’t stop here read to the end.

This is the most important part.

By now you have learned how to make quality decisions.

However, the decisions we took were due to information’s we had access to.

Trust me you will be in situations where you have incomplete or inaccurate pieces of information and assumptions.

That will definitely land you, to taking a drastic decision that would cost you a lot.

No wonder in Proverb 16v3 says commit ways unto the Lord and your thoughts will be established.

In quest of making the right decisions at all times, don’t forget the God factor through the person of the Holy Spirit.

He is always available in helping us make the right decisions.

However, you cannot enjoy this advantage if you have not given your life to Christ.

That is the most important decision any man on earth can make is a decision to follow Jesus.

If you are yet to do so just say these words.

Lord Jesus come into my life, I know I have messed up, but am sorry, take control of my life Amen.

It’s that simple.

Congratulations now you can enjoy the help of the Holy spirit all you have to DO, is just ASK HIM.

I know by now you can’t wait to implement what I have just thought you.


Thank you for taking out time to read through.

I Love you deeply

Jesus Loves you more