I got a call from my wife at around 9 a.m. that day.

“Honey, I’m dying here o. If I faint here and die, you will not find it funny o!”

Jesus! I sprang from the bed and quickly began the motions.

The day before, I’d left her with some cash so as to allow me to sleep a bit late and get to the hospital later than usual. For days, my eyes needed sleep.

That morning, her sister had to leave the hospital earlier because something came up.

My wife was left at the mercy of University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital’s system. When I got her call, I knew what the issue was.

Our newborn was still under observation and the doctors had recommended another blood test that morning. Since I wasn’t around, she had to take on the responsibility.

When you get a diagnosis that requires a blood test at that hospital, you had to walk a distance of about 2 km from the doctor’s office or ward to the payment point, pay and get a receipt, walk back that same distance or more to the labs, get a specimen bottle, walk to the ward or doctor to get the sample, and walk back to the lab.

Boy, that’s freaking tough.

Their system is whack!

If you’re really serious about becoming a highly paid expert in your industry, growing your platform to become a phenomenal brand, where your enterprise serves humanity in splendid ways, you’ve got to fixate on your DAPS.

D – Domain (What is your passion?)

A – Audience (Who are you targeting and serving?)

P – Problem (What is their pain?)

S – Solution (How are you solving it?)

We went to UPTH to get a problem solved, but did their system solve the pain? Partially, yes, but then we were pained while seeking for the solution to the pain.

You’ve got to avoid that!

By crafting what Victor Ekpo Bassey calls the Distinct Solution System, you’re able to serve your clients in unique ways that help them experience transformation.

That’s what you’re here for.

In simple terms, a system is a collation of processes. By breaking down stuff to very chewable bits for your client, you develop a system. Here’s a very simple way to think about it.

So, if you’re helping people lose weight, what’s your unique DSS?

If you’re helping people build their businesses into global brands, what’s your unique DSS?

If you’re helping stay-at-home mums become useful to themselves, what’s your unique DSS?

Your system is what sets you apart and helps your clients achieve amazing results that make them shout your name to the rooftops. You’ve got to take them from point A to point B with outstanding results.

Based on DAPS which I explained above, you can create one for yourself.

There are a lot of ways, but I’ve created systems based on observation and feedback.

Let me explain.

During my coaching sessions with clients, I observed that when it comes to shooting their voices via social media, many of them were deficient, so I set up a simple system called Master Social Media In 21 Days.

I have been on radio for a couple of weeks now. Based on the feedback I’ve gotten from folks who reach out to me, I created a system that helps them discover their own paths. Mark you, I don’t need to be in their faces. It runs on autopilot.

So, develop your acute senses of observation and fixation on feedback as anchors for creating systems.

One thing to note is that in creating systems, you’ve got to make it simple for your clients to follow to achieve results.

Systems are documented processes of achieving results.

UPTH established the payment system to eliminate corruption (many of the hospital staff collect monies and don’t remit them), but in doing so, they created another monster – leaving sick folks exhausted!

Your system for serving clients should be simple and uncomplicated.

If you leave your clients dealing with the system as if they were nuclear codes, you leave them with the option of seeking solutions elsewhere.

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