One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make is to make the sale, take the money and never communicate with the customer again. In fact, the number one reason people leave businesses and purchase from other companies is indifference.
The tragedy in this is that it takes so little to make your new customer feel special and create the WOW factor in their minds when it comes to your company. In addition, it could be costing you by trying to attract new customers instead of retaining the existing customer.
Here is what to do instead
Create welcome messaging as soon as they order. Welcome them and reassure them that they have made the right decision.

A few days later, have your system send another message. Check in with them, ask them how they are doing with the product and let them know you are there if they have questions or need support.

Send along a bonus after a while. Give them some kind of gift to make your company stand out in their mind. It’s okay to spend a little money on your customers.

Pick up the phone and call them! Receiving a phone call after a purchase is rare these days and will create a huge WOW factor in the mind of your customers.

Send a personal note in the mail. A personalized note in the mail will be a real treat for them!

Send a customer satisfaction survey and offer a bonus for completing it. Ask them to rate their experience with your company. Everyone who isn’t 100% satisfied should receive a phone call to find out how to make it right
Which of these “WOW TIPS” will you like to apply first?