I studied computer science while observing my industrial training. I was hiking along with my younger brother then an Idea dropped in my mind. I shared it with him. It was concerning developing an App for a particular organization I belong to.

As at when the idea came I was not yet good with programming I was at the learner’s stage but that did not discourage me I decided to move ahead with it.

I was so consumed by the thought of the idea that even at that age I believed I would pull it off no matter what. I wanted to be the one who pioneered the project for that organization.

I was graced to have an audience with one of major stack holders so I pitched the idea to him, I was so convincing and persuasive that he called the major decision maker of that organization on my behalf, remember I can’t handle it myself am still a learner but that is what confidence can do. People believe you for that.

Seeing that I have committed myself verbally I had to live up to expectations, I quickly did some research on mobile app development and requested for quotation from different agencies compared and contrasted their prices, though it was on a high side, I got a glimpse of what the cost could be.

Finally, I met a friend of mine who was actually good with mobile app development and have some prominent projects and portfolios to his belt.

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He gave me a reasonable quotation that I worked with while I continue with research.

After about four months I spoke on phone with the major decision maker of the organization and he requested for a proposal and I had spoken like we were a big agency then even if is just in my head then I replied affirmatively and requested for his email address.

It was dawn on me that it was becoming a reality I immediately contacted a friend my colleague at school he designed a commentary card for me and a logo in which I paid 3,000 naira.

Then I Google for proposal templates along with the format of the quotations I have received from the other agencies and I constructed a professional proposal that I sent for review.

After about 3 months I received a call from them and we handled the project they paid me while I paid the developer the profits I got was what I used to begin registration process with CAC in other to be giving more prestige and be seen as an institution and not a one-man thing.

Years downline I have become proficient with Web Development and programming and we have handled some prominent projects like Mobile-App development for Scripture Union Nigeria for daily reading note called Daily Guide.

This is the morals when we started I didn’t have the technical know-how but I had the ideas I was consumed by the idea and of most importantly the ever-present grace of God and sheer willpower to pursue the vision the rest is history.

I know you would be wondering the name of the company, it’s called Jukem Technology Ltd we are a creative a web-development agency you can visit our website at jukemtech.com 

All you need is an Idea and burned in will and desire with the favor of God it only takes time and it will manifest.