Dear startups and business owners your businesses would grow on the height and foundation of your character. What you do when no one is watching impacts your business and Start-ups when everyone is watching.

Where a business reaches is a function of the driver that is the owner or the highest ranking officer your business invariably, your Start-ups will only get as Big As the shadow of your character.

Whether you like it or not your business and Start-ups whether successful or not is a mere reflection of your character. So now that we know that our business grows on basis of our character what do we do now?

Change is constant, and if your present character has been the predicament to your business all you have to do is CHANGE

We would quickly highlight areas of your character you need to change if necessary People only buy from who they trust and if your character is not trustworthy well your business just some a clients.

On trust here is a simple formula to earn people’s trust.

“Do what you say and say what you do consistently over time you would earn their trust”

Still, on character understand the value of time and trade wisely with it

The power of time conversion is key what is keeping you from the person you want to be and the person you are today is time and what you invest in it.

You become what you invest your time in remember the better you become the better the business performs and your business is reflection of you

Master the art of making and keeping relationships, businesses thrive through relationship when someone buys from you once it is how you related with and treat the person would determine whether he going to buying the second time or tell someone else about you.

Lion is not the strongest animal, neither is it the fastest nor the tallest what makes lion the king of the jungle is in the character of the Lion,

What would make a business grow is in the characters of the business and the business is a reflection of the owner.

Finally, you are the biggest brand ambassador of your business, the way you are perceived is the way people would see your business, build your brand, groom your character effectively and watch your business and Start-ups Grow.