Customer Satisfaction

The best marketing strategy is a satisfied customer so below are 3 proven ways to really satisfy your customers


If you manage to actually listen to customers and forget about your interest for a second you’ll notice that satisfaction will increase tremendously. Most of the time, customers (and people in general) just want to feel like they are being heard.

So listen, empathize and come up with a solution tailored to their unique problem.

Make Everyone Feel Like a Vip

Everyone wants to feel important to some extend and customer service fails at achieve this 99% of the time. You often hear about people complaining about being just another number. Well, it’s up to us to change that.

This means using the customer’s name, finding something they really care about and talk about that… Make people feel like you are actually happy to hear from them and even the angriest customers will end up happier.

Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep

Satisfaction is all about expectations. A customer might be perfectly fine with what you offer, but if you go and promise him/her more, they’ll end up being disappointed by what they already have.

I think good service is not about exceeding expectations, it’s about creating realistic expectations and constantly meeting them.

Do you think the customer is always right?

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