Would you love to grow a profitable online business?
I bet you answered yes to that.

Like you, so many people are head-bent on learning the tricks, the strategies of growing their own online business and make it highly profitable.

Actually, there are so many ways in which people grow their online business and make it highly profitable and I have spared no effort in sharing with you some of the important ways to grow a profitable online business.

These methods have been tested and have proven to be effective in creating a snowball effect that is sure to make your business exceptionally popular.

Now, unlike many bricks and mortar businesses where you have to be active in running and managing your business first-hand, you can grow your business via online marketing simply by working in your pyjamas or travel the world like my friend, Ryan Biddulph, so long you’ve got a steady internet connection and a working laptop.

So here are my 5 proven and tested ways to grow a profitable online business that will help you live the life you have always dreamed of living.

1: Find & Fill Your Niche Perfectly

One of the most prominent strategies to help achieve success has always been to find a niche.

We have said this over and over and it has almost become a cliché. Isn’t it?

Well, like it or not, to become a successful entrepreneur or perhaps a successful individual, it is paramount that you find exactly

what makes you tick.

So why are you in business?

Why are you doing what you are doing?

Would you buy YOU?

You know, you’ve got to ask yourself loads of questions just so you get to point out who you should be serving.

Now, there are several tricks and tips of finding a niche and filling it and Susan Ward in this post extensively shared her heart out about the subject matter. You should avail yourself the opportunity to read that article in your spare time.

A friend and senior colleague of mine once said at an event I hosted a long time ago, “Niches are riches”.

He was right!

When you succeed in discovering your forte and developing yourself well enough to become the go-to-expert, you would have succeeded in growing your own money-making online business.

And hey, your niche most times helps you discover who your target audience and buyers are.
Don’t dull, just get to work!

2: Build Effective Systems

To achieve success on the internet requires a lot of work!

A lot of the time, people who claim to be online business owners, create websites and slap up a few contents on the site and feel they are on a journey to making 7-figures.

Cut the crap and get serious!

Getting serious means putting some really important things in place.

Yes, you need a website and yes, you need contents.

In fact, you can’t achieve much success online without CONTENT.

But there are some few things you need to consider and do right.

I will mention them.

  • A clean and dynamically designed website
  • An Email List
  • A lead magnet
  • A marketing funnel
  • A product(s)
  • A community
  • Publish a book.
  • You need a Social Media presence!
  • A CONTENT machine,
  • And many other systems are what you’d need to fuse into your business to make it skyrocket in a record time.

If you map out and set to do all the things I highlighted above, I am sure you’d get to that point in your business life when you’d look back and thank me for writing this post.

3: Build Your Influence Online

One of the best ways to grow a profitable online business on the internet today is Thought Leadership.

What again is Thought Leadership?

I shared all that you need to know about the phenomenon in this post.

Having said this, you have to start communicating daily with your target audience, it might be via your blog posts, your Facebook timeline, your Facebook Community, Twitter, Whatsapp, anywhere, the idea is to keep talking as this will help you get into your audiences’ heart.

Usually, people do business only with people to whom they know, like and trust. And if people feel insecure around you, you can trust they are not going to stop let alone do business with you.

However, with Thought Leadership, you can be sure to virally grow your influence simply by showing up every time to distribute and share your awesomeness via content forms such as text, videos, infographics, podcasts (like Expert Promise excel is doing around here) and the likes.

Loads of my friends, the likes of Speaker Sam, Emeka Nobis, Anurika, Victor Ekpo Bassey, Dj Sobanjo all show up on Facebook Live from time-to-time to bless, break the frame, and empower people to build their dreams.

Now, that’s bae! 🙂

Trust me if there’s anything I will be doing from next month it will be to show up more often via Facebook Live and of course continue from where I stopped with my podcast as I will be getting a new and better phone.

And if I were you, I’d take this advice and run with it by sparing extra-time to carve and craft out words from your inner recess, decorate and present them to folks on your list and you’d see for yourself the magic of building a strong and influential brand.

Oh, wait!

Thought leadership is not about being known, rather, it’s about being known for making a difference.

Got it?

4: Traffic!

Like it or not, traffic is the lifeblood of every successful online business!

You can’t grow a formidable online business without directing loads of people to your website or your offers. It’s not possible.

Only that I feel you should not spend all your life trying to build traffic.

You know, it can sometimes be a timewaster.

I’ve been there before, so I know exactly what I am saying.

Okay, there are two main ways of driving traffic to a site.

One is hectic and the other is easy.

You can already guess that “hectic” means FREE while “easy” means PAID, right?

Well, you are right. 🙂

There are several free methods of driving traffic to a website. I know because I have shared loads of them over at my website.

But for your sake, I will just go here to enlist some of them.

1. SEO – Actually, most persons don’t understand what Search Engine Optimization means or what it does. Well, that’s okay. SEO, however, is a very important tool that you need to have at the top of the list of your online business arsenal.

Organic traffic is important if you will build a profitable online business. By organic, I simply mean NATURAL traffic.

Here’s what I mean:

See the above screenshot? ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑

I searched for 5 ways to grow a profitable online business and here’s what I got:

The blue texts are articles Google Bot found extremely popular, valuable and highly optimized for search engine and as a result, it has shown it on the first page of SERPs.

These sites are well ranked by Google and you can trust that these would help them get even more clients and make BIG money online if they’ve got products and services to sell. You can benefit from this too you know!

There are two main ways to do SEO; On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

On-page SEO is the SEO you do on your website: This is when you configure and optimize your WordPress website via the help of Yoast SEO, internal linking your blog posts with each other so that people can surf and stay a bit longer on your page.

There are many WordPress plugin that can help you do that. Think I wrote something on that long time ago. You can search my website if you like.

There are many WordPress plugin that can help you do that.

Off-page SEO is the SEO you do off your website: This is when you begin linking to other good websites by simply doing proper and long blog commenting or guest posting for them, just like I am doing here on Excel’s great blog.

You could also decide to use social networking sites, social bookmarking sites or website aggregators as an aid to help and make your Off-page SEO effective. And hey, we call these process link-building.

The quality of the link you build is what counts though.

I am just hoping you got my drifts. But if not, you know that I am a call away. And you can always use the comment section of this blog page to ask your questions. I will answer them.

Oh gosh, I almost forgot I promised to list out some sites for you.

Okay, so here you go:

  1. Webinars
  2. Blogging
  3. Article Marketing
  4. Guest Blogging
  5. Ebooks / PDFs
  6. Podcasts
  7. Web TV Shows
  8. Hangouts
  9. Social Media
  10. Video Marketing
  11. Forum Marketing
  12. Solo Ads
  13. Adswaps
  14. JV Giveaways
  15. WSO’s
  16. Promoted Posts
  17. FB Ads
  18. PPC
  19. Classified Ads
  20. Banner Advertising
  21. Direct Mail / Offline Marketing
  22. Interviews
  23. Press Releases
  24. HARO
  25. Re-Targeting
  26. Repurpose your contents
  27. Paid Media
  28. Word of Mouth
  29. JV’s
  30. Epic Content
  31. Slidesharing
  32. Skype
  33. Groups
  34. Emails
  35. Online Magazines
  36. Apps
  37. and loads more…

5: Test, tweak and track.

One of the coolest things I love about online business is its adaptability.

When you run a brick and mortar business, it might take you weeks, months, sometimes years to track which of your campaigns are working.

The case is different with online business, especially when you know what you are doing. You can test, tweak and track what’s working and what is not in real-time.

That sounds like fun, right?

Yes, it’s fun! 🙂

Friend, if you are going to create a thriving and profitable online business, you will have to be committed to a lifestyle of testing, tweaking and tracking what’s working for you and cutting out the things that aren’t working just so you could save time and resources.

Wrapping Up!

To achieve enormous growth in your online business, I would advise that you stop and incorporate all of the points I have shared above as they are powerful ways to cut the craps and really start building your own profitable online business.

Are there some things I didn’t mention that you feel are important in growing a profitable online business?
Common, mention them to me in the comment box and let’s rock ‘