customer Follow up

You as an Entrepreneur can sometimes be so close to your business that you can miss the simple solutions for growing it, where the greatest opportunities often lie. Here, I will be pointing out how effective Follow-up on a prospect can help you in gaining and retaining customers.

Research suggests only one in every 50 business proposals is struck at a first meeting, yet many sales guys give up after just one or two knock-backs without further follow-ups. Perseverance will give you a major edge on competitors, according to Robert Clay.

There are many reasons why people who could benefit from your product, service or expertise do not buy. At least not without further prodding, or Lack of time. Too many other things on their mind. Such as concern about cost, cash flow, Budget constraints, More pressing matters.

Your failure to do enough follow-ups to establish your name in your field so they’ll buy without question and more.

None of these, by the way, is negative. They are just psychological and transactional realities you must become aware of and recognize which is why follow-ups are SO important.

Yet isn’t it amazing how often you express interest in a product or service but never hear from the person or company again? It happens all the time.

Research shows, amazingly, that only 20% of sales leads are ever followed up. In other words, 80% of potential opportunities are lost without trace simply due to lack of follow-up.

People and companies who don’t follow up, who do nothing to build up that trust and relationship, lacks the tendency to succeed. In this 21st century, people want to be sure they’re making the right decision before they commit to a purchase.

Contacting your prospective buyers, users and existing customers every three months or sooner builds trust and professionalism and keeps ‘top of mind’ awareness.

In this context, your customers do not regard contact for orders, payments, and appointments, or the obligatory Christmas card as a meaningful communication.

What meaningful communication strategies do you have in place right now to maintain top of mind awareness once someone has been in contact with you? How do you nurture your clients so that they learn to trust you and see you as a professional organization?

Or do you think those big brands, such as banks, and telecom firms that keep sending you text messages and all reminders are jobless or bored or you think they are surviving on child’s play? NO.

This simple strategy could be critical to your survival. Implement it and prosper. Ignore it at your peril.