On February 18th, 2016, I made one of the toughest decisions of my life. I was 36. I was married and I had two kids.

I quit my job to become an entrepreneur. It was one decision that could change the entirety of the trajectory of my life. I was really scared.

Preparing for that moment for 5 years didn’t adequately prepare me for the surge of emotions that I’d feel to finally pen my resignation letter after 10 years of working as an engineer.

It wasn’t as if my job wasn’t one that thousands of folks would love to have, but at that point, I craved control. I didn’t want anyone to create my schedule and put a peg on how much I could earn, despite the number of hours I put in.

I wanted freedom to create. I wanted freedom to explore and see the results of my own creation on the throng of humanity.

Mind you, I didn’t take the decision to copy someone else’s business model verbatim.

I don’t sell tangible products stacked in a shop. Yes, selling tangible products is a great business model, but my personality isn’t cut out for sitting in a shop and beckoning on clients.

I knew that the road won’t be all funny and glitzy. Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. I’ve had my own fair shares of painful eyes and sleepless nights.

I didn’t start as a free spirit. I started as a married man with a family, so bringing the support of a family into the mix wasn’t an easy sport.

However, a time comes in your life when you feel a heavy call on you, a prodding to start thinking and seeing things differently, to divert your own path away from the norm.

There will be ups and downs, but knowing that the call makes you place a bet on yourself, it makes the journey all the more fun, even in the midst of the thorny pricks on the path.

I looked inwards, listened to my personality, and began to create a business based on four different things I’d come to discover about my life – my gifts, my experiences, my expertise, and my knowledge.

I knew that humanity could benefit from my gift. I knew that people could leverage on my experiences to have solutions to their challenges. I knew organisations would need my expertise. I knew businesses needed my knowledge to become visible and grow their earnings.

Today, all I do is to sell my brain for a fee!

Today, with my laptop and other digital devices, I can’t imagine my life any other way.

It’s been more than a year since I made that decision. It’s been an incredible adventure – knowing how to properly profile people I have to serve, appropriately carving the solutions they need, and seeing the lights come on in organisations when they get results.

You see, technology has helped people like me to cut through the tape of gatekeepers.

Years ago, no one believed you could choose yourself. You needed gatekeepers. You NEEDED someone who was not qualified to say, “I like you” and then give you a chance at the top of the stairs.

When I got that painful email about my being an economic risk, I folded my sleeves and chose me. I went to work.

I began to showcase.

If you can write, choose yourself and self-publish.

If you can sing, latch onto YouTube and sing for us.

If you’ve got a nice pair of legs that will make us moan, Instagram has given you the chance to showcase.

In our times now, we have an array of tools and many platforms to help you choose yourself and rise to the podium.

What’s now stopping you?