The most important gift God gave humanity is “MEN” it’s essential to for growth and success in every area of life.

More often than none Start-ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs spend most time investing in their products and services and give little or no time to networking and building relationships.

No matter the quality of your product and services which is also an advantage, the relationship you build is what your products and services would leverage on to scale on the long run. Irrespective of how religious and prayerful you are, God would not come down himself and answer your prayers concerning your expectations for your Start-ups and businesses, he uses “MEN” to meet that.

  • Men are the Investors
  • Men are the Buyers
  • Men are the Mentors
  • Men are the ones to recommend

Without missing words, men are everything on earth

That’s is the power invested in men, you can only harness the power through networking and building relationships. Regardless of what kind of startup you’re building, networking will in one way or another play a role in the growth of your business.

The extent, however, to which networking can influence your business depends on the type of product or service you’re offering. Sometimes all we need to scale and expand in your various Start-ups and businesses is just one voice of recommendation and Boo!!! Our business feels an exponential increase.

Typical example

A single recommendation and endorsement from Oprah Winfrey on Rich Dad Poor Dad authored by Robert Kiyosaki on April 27th, 2000 gave that book a bestseller Status.

Now the major challenge is how and where to network since it is essential to the success and growth of Start-ups and SMEs. I would be sharing personal and proven Secrets on how and where to network and most importantly building and maintaining the relationship afterward.

1. Attend events

Attending events is the quickest place to network, now based on expertise and of course your products and services it helps you choose the kind of events to attend.

2. Be open at the event

Being shy could be a major issue when it comes to networking let alone discussing business with a stranger, however, if you shift your mindset into thinking about networking not as ‘Networking’, but simply as getting to know new people who probably want to get to know you, it could alleviate your anxieties about approaching others.

3. Listen, listen, and listen

As much as networking is about you and your entrepreneurial goals, it’s also about the people you meet and their needs. So say what you need to say, but also take the time to listen attentively to others.

“Don’t just think about what you can get from the other person, rather think about what this particular person needs,”

4. Evaluate and build your relationships accordingly

When you first meet someone, it’s practical to evaluate whether the relationship can be tapped into immediately or further down the road. I usually like to offer them first-value in exchange for their time or insight, because I don’t think anyone likes to be approached and then told that you need them right away.

5. Prioritize, sort and filter your contacts

“Networking is most crucial when you don’t know anyone, but once you’ve built a network, then you can filter through who to spend most of your energy on and build those relationships – and actually those relationships will multiply other similar relationships,”

6. Volunteering for events

When you offer to volunteer to events relating to your area of expertise and probably Start-up, it gives you exposure, credibility and of course recommendation which is what most businesses need to thrive.

7. Balance building and networking

Remember that time spent networking means time not spent building your product/service. Striking a balance between the two is important, I recommend allocating certain days of the week for meetings and then other days for solely working or if you use Eventbrite check for events you would like to attend ahead of time and plan for them it helps you in your planning.

Remember your Networth is a Function of your Network