Don’t get it twisted; small business does not mean small purpose or small value.
Your business can be small in size, but do not limit its value creation or value delivery.
Yes, you can start small but why stay small when you can grow big?
Tech has made tools and systems that used to be available to big companies alone to he available and accessible to small businesses. Maximise them.
What else should you do?

1. Be your own brand ambassador.

Represent your brand everywhere and all the time. This does not mean you should be all about sales, sales, sales. No.

But always be confident to share your brand with people and be excited about what you do. Your passion will positively affect people’s perception of your brand.

2. Customise your work with excellence.

Whatever value you bring, always deliver it with excellence. Own a track record of efficiency, promptness, quality, innovation, etc. Whatever your clients pay you for, make sure they get the best of it all the time.

3. Be customer-centric

Customers are kings.This is not overrated.And these kings know who truly care about delivering solutions and adding value to them, and who only wants a place on their payroll or a leaf of their cheque.You know what customers who think a business doesn’t care about them do? They leave.And what is a business without customers?
So, if you indeed care, show it.Make every service experience delightful. Customer relations doesn’t end at acquisition. In fact, that’s the start.Intentionally develop and maintain a customer-delight culture.

4. Simplify your processes.

It’s all about making life easier, better or faster. Make it easy to procure your services or use your products. Give guidance, offer after sales support, offer variety in products and payment options.Always work on optimising your skills as a business owner and improving your brand value.
Do not engage ‘smallness’ in your business. Rather, make a big deal of your small business. Reach for more. Aim higher. Grow bigger.
The world doesn’t need mediocrity. This resounds even as 2018 closes in on us.
Strive for excellence, that’s what the world celebrates and will celebrate more in the coming year. You either eat or be eaten. It’s your call.
So, up to you…what do you need to do to make a big deal or a bigger deal of your small business today?